SERVICE GRATUITY  -  Service Gratuity in lumpsum is payable in cases where the qualifying service is less than 10 years, in lieu of  pension

RETIREMENT GRATUITY  - A Government Servant, shall, on his retirement be granted Death-Cum-Retirement Gratuity which is calculated based on the emoluments last drawn and total qualifying service

Calculation of Retirement Gratuity

DEATH GRATUITY – Where the individual dies while in service, the family is entitled to Death Gratuity as under –


The facility of nomination is available for Gratuity and a person having a family can nominate any body in the family to receive the Gratuity, when he /she dies before receiving Gratuity after retirement or when he / she  dies while in service.

The Family member he can nominate is one or more of the following –

  1. Wife in respect of Male Government Servant

  2. Husband in respect of Female Government Servant

  3. Sons

  4. Unmarried daughters

  5. Widowed daughters

  6. Father

  7. Mother

  8. Brothers below 18 years

  9. Unmarried/Widowed sisters

  10. Married Daughters

  11. Children of predeceased son

  12. When there is no family member as mentioned above, the Government servant can nominate any body including a Body/Trust

IF THERE IS NO SUCH NOMINATION – where the individual dies without  nominating any body but has left family members, the Gratuity is payable in the following manner to the family:

Commutation of Pension

Manner of Payment

(*Tamil Nadu Pension Rules 1978)

Forwarding of Applications / Format

Every Government Servant shall submit his application for pension at least one year in advance from the date of his anticipated retirement.  The Application Form along with the following enclosures shall be forwarded through the Head of Office / Head of Department to the Accountant General Office for issue of Authorisation of Payment Orders.

In cases where disciplinary proceedings are instituted against a Government Servant

Format of Applications

Grievances and Complaints

A Pension Enquiry Cell in the office of the Principal Accountant General (A&E) Tamil Nadu redresses the grievances of the Tamil Nadu State Government Pensioners. It functions under the supervision of the Senior Deputy Accountant General (Pension).  Pensioners may contact the above Cell in person to redress their grievances on all working days during 10.00 AM to 12.30 PM and 2.00 P.M. to 4.00 PM .  Pensioners may contact reception to approach the Pension Enquiry Cell.

In case of difficulty, you may write to:

Senior Accounts Officer (Pen. 30)
Office of the Principal Accountant General (A&E), Tamil Nadu

Chennai – 600 018

  Other Functions:  Accounts Compilation | Gazetted Functions | GPF Maintenance